Friday, June 22, 2012

How in the heck??

10:20pm on a Wednesday night, i should be showering and getting ready for bed but of course like always im surfing. Its the usual internet search....Tahoe jobs, Tahoe real estate, Facebook, Stephs blog, more Tahoe real estate. I get made fun of quite often about my crazy love for Tahoe, they all want to know what the heck i see and why i like it so much. I think because all of my most cherished memories are there in Nevada...the first time i got asked out was in Reno, engaged in Tahoe, marriage license in Tahoe and wedding in Tahoe. ( guess that explains alot)

I started reading a friend of mines blog which reminded me i had this one, truth is i forgot my link to even write on this until thank you Steph!! My thoughts jump from topic to topic and i am not a english major by any means so don't go crazy when you read this because i suck at puncuation and spelling. Now back to the friend thing, sometimes i ask myself what is the definition of a friend....i mean take Stephanie for example, we never hangout, rarely talk on the phone but I do consider her a friend. I would watch her kid and drive 2 1/2 hours to go hangout with her if i knew it would brighten up her day. Who would have known a random email in response to a craigslist advertisement would spark up a friendship. SOOO have I answered my question??? Not really lol

I do know i feel more comfortable sharing private matters with Steph then i would my old friend of 10+ years. Weird lol I think some people can take my friendliness as being strange or even stalkerish....thats not the case. Its just when i find someone whom i can talk to or relate to i like to keep in touch with them. I guess what im trying to say is Stephanie dont think im some weird stalker whose obsessed with you :) I just enjoy being able to be apart of the large group of people who get to day by day be apart of you sharing your life. You motivate me to want to better my life and for that i thank you!!
After meeting you and seeing how hard of a worker you are and how far your business is going you give me hope that someday i can do the same!

SOOO on that stalker note lmao j/k today was a positive day, i finished a cake in which i was actually happy with for once in my life. I took a step back looked at my cake and thought.....i could open my own business with cakes like this :)

It is 7 days until i get to go to Tahoe and 10 days until Zack has a interview. This interview can be a life changing event for Zack and I both. Exciting yet scary all at the same time. Its my dream to get out of Modesto, yet once im there the reality that my family and friends are no longer at my convenience will be strange. Guess ill never know until i try though right?